Harriet Bouslog

Harriet Bouslog

Harriet Bouslog exhibited a flair for theatrics and a hint of bravado in any role she played during her long and illustrious career as Hawai‘i’s first female labor and civil rights lawyer. She was outspoken, fearless, unabashed by criticism, and always ready to confront the predominantly male members of the local bar association, with whom she often disagreed. She never wavered from her belief that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were the cornerstones of American democracy, and that everyone—even those who could not pay—deserved legal representation in upholding these rights.  —Lawyer, Risk Taker, and Champion of the Underdog by Esther K. Arinaga

Meet Harriet

Harriet Bouslog played a big role in moving Hawaii from a near-feudal society dominated by powerful landowners to a fair and democratic state. She was “a feisty advocate for working people at a time when it was unpopular and unpolitic.” Learn more

In Her Own Words

Harriet gives us a glimpse into the past as she shares her life with the International Longshoremen’s and Warehousemen’s Union and the landmark decisions that changed history. Learn more

An Advocate For All Hawaii

Harriet Bouslog’s biography is more than the “larger than life” tale of a dramatic, intelligent person whose worldview demanded the full expression of constitutional rights for all. Read Teresa Bill’s biography of Harriet Bouslog.

Photo Gallery

Re-live history and remember Harriet in this extensive photo collection that includes her childhood, her campaign, newspaper clippings and courtroom action. View the photo gallery

Biography DVD

Inspiring documentary by PBS Hawaii and the Center for Biographical Research combines interviews with family, friends, and commentary by legal historians shares the life of Harriet Bouslog. Purchase the DVD here