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Welcome to the HBLSF Frequently Asked Questions

Please review these FAQ's carefully before beginning the application.The information contained here is vital to insuring that your application is complete. Submitting an incomplete, or incorrect application may affect your opportunity for a scholarship. Do not hesitate to call (808) 537-3327.


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Eligibility Questions

A. To receive the HBLSF scholarship, the Applicant must be either:

  • A current member of ILWU Local 142, in good standing;
  • A family member of a current or retired, ILWU Local 142 member; living or deceased

The relative whose ILWU Local 142 membership qualifies you to receive the scholarship is referred to in the application as your "Qualifying Relative."

A. Please check with your relative if possible, if not, fill out the questionnaire on our the Do You Qualify? webpage. Link and give us 5 days to look it up.

A. You must have applied for admission to, or be currently enrolled at, any of the 10 University of Hawaii system schools (four-year universities and community colleges), on a full-time basis:

Four-Year Schools

UH Manoa

UH Hilo

UH West Oahu

Community Colleges:






Maui College


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Post-Award Requirements Questions

A. Students must register full-time.For undergraduates this is 12 credits per semester.Full-time status for graduate students will vary, depending upon the requirements of their particular graduate program.

A. Please contact Cassandra Cockett at 808 949 4161 or via email at cassandra.cockett@ilwulocal142.org.Please inform her that you are an HBLSF recipient, what island you reside on and she will arrange for you to complete your internship.

A. Recipients must respond to email or phone communications from HBLSF within 3 days of receiving a request. Not responding in this time frame can result in losing your benefits in the future.

A. Any email address we have on file for you should be the email address you check most often so we can be assured emails are reaching you. Notify us immediately of any change in your email address, your cell phone, other contact phone, or mailing addresses. A secondary email if you have one, is also needed.

A. Deadlines you are required to meet.

Notify us whether or not you intend to continue to the next semester:

  • November 20th
  • May 15th

Provide us with a pdf copy of your Campus Report by semester (obtained on your "MyUH" website) no later than.

  • December 20th
  • May 15th

You will be sent a reminder email prior to each deadline.Not responding can result in losing your benefits for scholarships in the future.

A. HBLSF encourages all students to take advantage of the academic counseling available to them at their school.Sometimes difficulties in a student's life, outside of the classroom, also impact a student's academic success. The members of the Scholarship Committee want to assist you throughout your higher education career.Please let us know if your are experiencing any difficulties. We cannot help if we are not aware of what is happening.

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Scholarship Details Questions

A. Applications are accepted November 1 through April 1.Cut off date for Fall Semester is April 1.

April 1st is the deadline for submission of applications.HBLSF must receive your complete application by this date.

You will be notified if you were successful by May 1. Be sure you provide an email address you currently monitor frequently.If you have submitted an application and have not heard from us by the April 15, please call, (808) 537-3327.

A. To be considered "complete" when it is submitted, it must contain:

  • Application Form: See instructions that are part of the Application.
  • Digital Photo: The photo should be suitable for publishing on our website.
  • Letter(s) of Reference: One, or more, Letters of Reference from teachers, employers, or others the Applicant may have worked with, or participated with during extracurricular activities.
  • Oral History Video (15 minutes (minimum) in length, in the MP4 format ONLY, and be no larger that 2GB). This is a videotaped interview of an ILWU Local 142 member, preferably of your Qualifying Relative, but if that person is not available you may interview another ILWU Local 142 active or retired member.

Union members applying as their own "Qualifying Relative" should interview another ILWU Local 142 active or retired member.

Questions should be drafted prior to the interview that will shed light on the member's experiences such as how the ILWU Local 142 impacted the lives of the member and their families, the work conditions for member and co-workers, and the member's community.

Written Essay

For your essay in support of your application for a 2019 Harriet Bouslog Labor Scholarship, you must submit a 3-page double-spaced typewritten essayon any ONE of the following three topics:

  1. What do you think Hawaii would be like had the ILWU 412 not organized Hawaii's working people?
  2. What should a union like ILWU Local 142 do to improve the quality of the lives of its members, both at work and in general?
  3. How do you think the ILWU Local 142 improved Hawaii, if at all?

Acceptance Letter

If the Applicant has received an Acceptance Letter from U.H., that letter should accompany the Application. The Acceptance Letter may be sent later if not yet received, but in no even will any scholarship funds be disbursed to the successful applicants campus until the HBLSF office receives the Acceptance Letter.

A. Successful applicants will be notified on or about May 1st.

A. Per Semester

U.H. Manoa - $2,000

U.H. Hilo/West Oahu - $1,000

U.H. Community Colleges - $750

A. During any Scholarship Year (the year the scholarships are awarded), a maximum of 10 new scholarships may be awarded, with a preference being given to currently graduating high school seniors planning to attend an eligible school.

In the event that scholarships are still available after scholarships are awarded to graduating high school seniors, scholarships may be awarded to those who are already attending an eligible school or applying to do so. The length of these scholarships is based on the students class upon being awarded a scholarship.

A. To continue receiving the award, from semester to semester, ALL recipients, regardless of their academic status (undergraduate/graduate), must be:

  1. Enrolled full-time (12 credits for undergraduates and program-specific for grad students); and
  2. making satisfactory academic progress toward a degree.

Provided that these basic requirements are being met, students attending a four-year school will be awarded up to eight (8) semesters if they started as a freshman.Students starting as sophomores will be awarded up to six (6) semesters. Students starting as juniors will be awarded up to four (4) semesters and students starting as seniors will be awarded up to two (2) semesters

Community college are initially awarded up to four (4) semesters.If they apply to and are accepted at a four-year campus after completing their two year program, they may receive up to a total of four (4) additional semesters of scholarship assistance toward a bachelor's degree.

A. Scholarship students who obtain their undergraduate degree from the University of Hawaii and are accepted into a graduate program at U.H., may apply to receive an additional four (4) semesters of scholarship awards for a two year program and up to eight (8) semesters for a four year program.

Students should notify the HBLSF office as soon as they begin the process of applying for entry into a graduate program.

Application may also be made for those applying to the John A. Burns School of Medicine and the William S. Richardson School of Law.The term of the scholarship benefit in these cases is handled as a graduate school scholarship.

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